Camping Equipment Rentals

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Lusting over the latest in 4×4 camping kit whilst scribbling a dreary-looking budget on the back of a biltong bag. The costs don’t stop at the purchase of your gear.

Insurance, storage, maintenance, and let’s not forget a good duster to help revive your equipment after many months of sitting in your garage.

No Longer!

Driven by our passion for the outdoors, Go Camp gives you instant access to the best quality 4×4 camping equipment and accessories.

We will set you up with whatever you need for your next camping adventure; whether it be a fully-kitted camping canopy, an off-road trailer, rooftop tent, awnings or a couple of camping accessories (we have fridges, solar panels, batteries & recovery kits).

Rent what you need when you need it, without the hassle of owning it yourself, so you can do more while owning less!

Let’s Go!

If you need some help figuring out what you’ll need for your adventure, give us a shout.

We offer camping accessories to make your basic camp a bit more comfortable.

Or, if you’re heading deep into the Bundus for some wild camping, kit yourself out with our power & battery systems and get charged up to go completely off-grid.

Make it Happen!
Whether you are looking for a fully kitted camping canopy or just a few camping accessories, renting is an ideal option for those looking for items that they might only need a couple of times a year, or for those in need of something specific for a particular trip. Renting from Go Camp means that you get to use great gear without feeling the effect on your wallet.
Spend less on the gear and more on the experience. Do more while owning less.
Our team members are all very familiar with adventures in the great outdoors; whether it be moseying up the West Coast for a chilled weekend or heading far off the beaten track for some serious bundu-bashing. With many hours spent outdoors under our belts, we have a pretty good idea of what equipment you may need for your next adventure.
You can rest assured that the equipment we hire is the equipment that we use ourselves.

Why rent our camping gear?

Not only will your friends be impressed when you pull up in your own bakkie with a fully-kitted, industry-leading camping canopy oppie rug, but there are also several other benefits to renting a camping canopy. Our canopies are a universal fit for all club- and double- cab bakkies, so you get to drive your own vehicle. There is no towing involved so you save on fuel and don’t require a special driver’s license.

Saves You Money
Saves on Storage Space
We Cover the Maintenance
Used Tried & Tested Gear
Easy & Convenient

Hook me up!

Right, so you’re ready to hit the road and start your adventure! Lekkkkerrrrrrrr!
Here’s what you need to do…

Step 1

Send us an Enquiry!

Step 2

Then, once we’ve confirmed your reservation head over to our fitment centre to collect your camping gear.

Step 3

If installation is required, go and enjoy a cup of coffee while we work our magic.  We’ll call you when your vehicle is ready to go!

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