Fridges & Cooler Boxes

We’ve all been there… It’s the second day at your campsite and you are spending the afternoon pouring melted ice out of the cooler box, sifting through the drenched contents and sniffing your braai meat to make sure that it hasn’t gone off.

It’s not a real holiday without a cold drink to accompany that hard-earned sunset! That’s why we have a range of cooler boxes and camping fridges to guarantee an ice-tinkling gin and tonic after a long day’s travel.

Our high-end cooler boxes are strong, will take a few knocks, and will keep your food and drink cold for a couple of days if you keep the lid closed as much as is practical. Also nothing beats the iciness of a drink kept in a cooler filled with water and ice.

For guaranteed cold beverages and for the use of a freezer, a camping fridge will help you keep fresh food for the duration of your trip.

Go Camp offers a single-compartment 40 litre fridge, a double compartment 72 litre or a double compartment 90 litre fridge/freezer for you to choose from, depending on your packing space or length of your trip. We also throw in a fridge-cover so that the fridge runs efficiently. All fridges can run either off 12v or 220v.

If you are heading far from a 220v power point the head over to our battery box and solar panel pages to see what you can rent to extend the running time of your fridge!