Off-Road Trailer Rentals

Off-road trailers – more comfort, more equipment, more exploring.

Get even more equipped to explore off the beaten track with Go Camp’s Off-Road Trailer Rentals!

When it comes to venturing through rough terrains, our off-road trailers are a force to be reckoned with. They are specifically designed to tackle harsher road conditions and are fitted with range-topping camping equipment and accessories.

Our off-road trailers also provide loads of extra packing space for you to store more equipment and luggage, so you and your passengers need not worry about having to compromise space and comfort upfront in the cabin during your travels.

Once you’ve reached your camping destination, unhitch your trailer to secure your basecamp and head off in your vehicle while enjoying the freedom to explore your surroundings.

With so many benefits to hiring an off-road trailer, it’s easy to see why these units are becoming so popular, and now you can rent one from Go Camp…

Available in Cape Town
Available in Johannesburg