Featuring a full aluminium shell with gas-assisted springs, Leisure Tech’s Hardshell Compact rooftop tent offers the same advantages as Leisure Tech’s other hardshell tents but with more space-saving dimensions. Rent it from Go Camp for your next trip…

The Hardshell Compact is all in the name! If you’re looking for a compact rooftop tent that leaves enough space for other equipment on your vehicle or trailer’s roof, the latest addition to Leisure Tech’s rooftop tent range is ideal. Its lighter weight and reduced dimensions allow for loading a second unit onto vehicles with larger rooftop areas.

Despite all of its space-saving benefits, the Hardshell Compact still offers a good amount of comfort and practicality. Its full aluminium shell with gas-assisted springs makes setting up and packing up a quick and easy affair, and there have been positive reviews on the comfort level of its built-in mattress in particular.

Whether you’re wanting to save on the cost of ownership or you’re interested in trying before buying, now you can RENT the new Leisure Tech Hardshell Compact Rooftop Tent from Go Camp.

Roof Top Tent Features:
  • External Casing: Aluminium Hardshell Design
  • Tent Weight: 70 kg
  • Fabric: Charcoal grey 300-gram ripstop (main canvas)
  • 1 Access door and 2 side windows all with mosquito nets
  • Mattress: Upholstered 60mm thick laminated mattress
  • Size: (Closed) 1500mm L x 1320mm W

Please note:

  • Vehicles will require aftermarket roof rails for the rooftop tent to be installed
  • Minimum of 3 nights required per rental
  • For rentals longer than 30 nights please send us a quick enquiry
  • Please note our offices are open Monday – Friday

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