Rent a Lithium555 portable power station by Flexopower from Go Camp for simplified, multiple charging use on your next camping trip. 

This portable power station is an ideal charging solution to keep your camping appliances and devices, from fridges and working lights to laptops, cameras and smartphones, up and running. 

Designed by local engineers, the Lithium555 has quickly become one of South Africa’s most popular portable power stations – and not just for use during load shedding. It also contains a built-in 500W inverter, making it a simplified, convenient, all-in-one power option for outdoor adventures.

It’s easy to charge from your vehicle’s 12V car socket, and solar panels, and if your camping destination provides electricity you can plug it into the nearest plug point. It has 2 integrated South African AC 3-prong plugs, so no extra adapters are required. 

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  • Lithium battery: Lithium battery in 4 series configuration. 555Wh / 150.000mAh capacity.
  • AC output: rating 500W max. (1.000W peak), pure sine, 50Hz.
    Standard with 2 x South African plugs integrated. No extra adapters required.
  • DC output: 1 x 12V CLA, 2 x 12V barrel plugs @ 15A. 4 x USB including fast charge and type C.
  • System safety lock: Lockable AC and DC output. In lock mode, there is zero output, despite AC or DC button pressed.
  • LCD display: All vital system information visible, including projection of how many hours battery can sustain the current load.
  • Solar ready: Integrated MPPT charge controller allows direct charge from solar PV. No extra charge controller required in between solar panel and Lithium555.
    Best suited solar panel is the Namib150W. The Vmp of any solar panel should be between 18V and 24V.
  • Multiple re-charge options: Re-charge from AC mains (cable included ~ 6 h to recharge); From 12V car socket with special DC booster (this overcomes the slow charging from the vehicle’s smart alternator – cable included ~ 10h to recharge); From solar PV (connector included ~ 6 h to recharge).

Please note: 

  • Minimum charge of 3 nights’ rental
  • Not a UPS. The Lithium555 is not designed as a UPS and is not recommended to be permanently connected to the mains.
  • Available to rent in Johannesburg and Cape Town
  • Please note our offices are open Monday – Friday
  • For rentals longer than 30 nights please send us a quick enquiry

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