Whether you need shelter from the wind, extra shade or more privacy, we’ve got you covered. RENT a Tentco windbreaker from Go Camp for your next camping trip…

Don’t let the wind stop you from cooking your favourite breakfast, or getting a good night’s sleep when you Go Camp. A windbreaker is a practical and effective way to get more privacy and shield your camping set-up from weather elements so you can enjoy a comfortable, hassle-free trip.

The Tentco Windbreaker comes with a 120 gsm shade net, and 4 wooden poles, and measures about 5.0m x 1.5m when erected. 

TIPS FROM THE TEAM: Windbreakers can help to create an extra barrier between your camp and the free-roaming wildlife that has been known to wander through campsites, (like Mabuasehube). If you’re camping with a fairly large group, park all vehicles in a circular formation before setting up camp, using windbreakers between vehicles to close any gaps. 


  • 120gsm Shade Net
  • Tapered Wooden Poles 28mm
  • Approximate Size: 5.0m x 1.5m

Please note:

  • Minimum charge of 3 nights rental required 
  • Available to rent in Cape Town & Johannesburg
  • Product specifications may differ between branches.
  • Please note our offices are open Monday – Friday
  • For rentals longer than 30 nights please send us a quick enquiry

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