Our Alu-Cab rooftop tents are some of the most popular rooftop tents on the market and offer quality, durability and practicality for all your camping adventures. 

We stock the Gen 3.1 and Gen 3-R, both of which are designed for lightweight travelling and quick and easy setups.

Some highlights of the Gen 3 rooftop tent include:

  1. A gas-strut-assisted design that takes seconds to open and close.⠀
  2. A three-point entry/exit layout so you don’t have to plan your campsite around your tent.⠀
  3. Lightweight aluminium construction and an aerodynamic shape, save you on fuel consumption.⠀
  4. And because you can close the tent with your bedding inside and it only takes seconds to open and close, it won’t stop you from exploring the surrounding area once your campsite is set up.
  5. As an added value, every Alu-Cab Gen 3 rooftop tent in our rental fleet comes fitted with a 270° shadow awning at no extra cost to your rental fee.
  6. We also throw in an Alu-Cab mud bag which hangs just outside your tent but within easy reach. This helps you keep your cosy rooftop tent dirt-free and saves you from having to look for space inside the tent to store your shoes.

The 270° shadow awning can be set up in seconds. Just unzip the bag and swing the awning through a full 270°. It’s so easy, one person can manage it. The awning wraps around your vehicle, providing 10 sqm of shade, and helping protect the areas that need it most.

Roof Top Tent Features:
  • External Casing: Aluminium.
  • Fabric: 400-gram UV-resistant rib-lock waterproof canvas with sealed seams.
  • Mattress: 75 mm High-density foam mattress with zip-off cover.
  • Mesh: Doors/windows fitted with high-quality mosquito netting.
  • Insulation: Polyethylene closed-cell foam.
  • Internal Sizes: 1.3m by 2.1m long; hight open is 1,6m
  • External Sizes: 1,4m by 2.3m long; closed 0.28m
  • Times: Setup under 1 min; Closing 2-3  min
Awning Features:
  • Length: 2.6m. (when closed)
  • Weight:24kg.
  • Shade area:10m2.
  • Construction: Aluminium.
  • Fabric: Imported reflective material.
  • Times: Setup 2 min; Pack up under 5 min

Please note:

  • Vehicles will require aftermarket roof rails for roof tent to mount on
  • Minimum of 3 nights required per rental
  • For rentals longer than 15 nights please send us a quick enquiry
  • Please note our offices are open Monday – Friday

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